March 6

Shanti's NEW album release "Jazz en Rose"

April 7-13
Musik Messee for Roland in Frankfurt
April 22-29
Printemps de Bourges Festival for Roland
June 7
Instalation of my V-Drums in the MuPop museum
July 15
Fy to Japan!
July 18
Godiego TV shootinbroadcast in September I think)
Aug 3
Piano/Vocal live in Kobe
Aug 8
Godiego Radio recoding (for broadcast in September I think)
Aug ?
Meetings at Roland
Aug 25
Back to Paris
Sept 27
Back to Japan
Sept 30
Godiego Rehearsals
Oct 1
Godiego OnNHK "live"
October 2
Godiego Rehearsals
Oct 3-4-5
Godiego @ Billboard Live-Osaka
Oct 12
Godiego @ Hibiya Ya On, Tokyo Live
October 23
Kid's Expo-Paris for Roland
October 27
The "bag" Show-Paris- Drummer's Day
TBA - Roland work in France...
Nov 30
Back to Japan
December 5-6
Hong Kong for Roland
December 15
Godiego Concert-Morimachi

Earlier in 2013

January 8
Radio show recording ^ FUJI FM for broadcast on January 12 at 4 PM.
January 11
Private Event- Yamagata
January 15
Meetings at Roland
January 17-19
Hong Kong for Roland
January 20
Shanghai for Roland
January 21- 22
Beijing for Roland
January 23
Back to Japan
January 25
Live interview by telephone for COCOLO FM
Febuary 2
"Live" event at DynaCity shopping mall in Odawara from 2 PM....Plus CD autograph session...
Febuary 7-8
Meetings at Roland
Febuary 18
Back to Paris
Febuary 20
To Massachusetts for my father's funeral.
Febuary 28
Back To paris










January 14
Piano/Vocal performance-V-Drums Demo at Shinseido-Odawara 14:00-
Feb 8
Going back to Paris
Feb 22

Shanti's NEW Album release! Click banner to see her March tour schedule. Currently Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya & Tokyo

March 6
Going to Visit my Dad, Sid in Massachusetts, for his 97th Birthday on March 7.
March 11
Back to Paris
March 19-24
Frankfurt Music Messe for Roland
March 30
Roland Event-"Tam-Tam" near Bordeaux
April 23-29
Printemps de Bourges Festival-For Roland
May 3
Roland Event-"Music Studio-Meaux
May 13-14
Roland Event-Lyon
May 23
Roland Event-Nancy
May 24
Roland - Marseille
May 25
Roland -Nimes /Montpelier
May 26-27
Summer Drum Show- La Grande Motte for Roland
May 29
Meeting @ Roland Central Europe-Belgium
May 30
Roland Event-La Roche Sur Yon
May 31
Roland Event- Sono West-Rennes
June 3-4
Roland Event-Bordeaux
June 14
Roland Event- Reims--Tanquex
June 15
Back to Paris
June 16
Travel to Chateauroux
June 17
Roland Event-Pournin Musique
June 30
Roland Event-Strasbourg - -Selestat
July 8-9
Roland Event- Les Salons de Porte Dauphine -Paris
July 28
Fly to Japan!
August 1/ 2
Meetings at Roland
August 18
Solo mini-concert, Kobe
August 19
Piano Vocal/Handsonic Performance @ Shinseido, Konan city
Sept 14
Back to Paris...
Sept 29
Roland Demo and Mini-Concert in Montpelier
October 4
Roland Demo and Mini-Concert in Bourges
October 10
Roland Demo and Master Class in Montlucon
October 17
Roland Demo and Master Class inAlencon
October 18
Roland product training and short demos in Saintes
October 25
Roland product training in Massy Palaiseau
October 27
Demo/Performance at the "Kids Expo" in Paris
October 28
On the Roland stand for the "Bag Show"
October 25
Roland product training in Marseille
October 31
Shanti's first European release! "Cloud 9"
November 9
Fly to Japan
November 10
Private piano/vocal performance - Tokyo
November 12/13
Godiego Rehearsals
November 14
Re-release of my 1980 solo album-"There Comes A Time" with special bonus tracks..fully re-mastered and sounds great!!
November 15
Godiego Concert-Shibuya Kokaido
November 17
Godiego Concert-Zama
November 28
Shanti Rehearsals for Recording
November 29/30
Meetings at Roland, Hamamatsu
December 5
Recording session for Shanti
December 7/8
Private Event in Yamagata
December 9
Fly to Korea
December 11
Fly back to Japan
December 13/14
Meetings at Roland, Hamamatsu
December 17
Private "advance" Kanreki party
December 19
"Kanreki" Concert at Motion Blue, featuring Mickie Yoshino, Onuma Yosuke(guit) Naruse "Narucho" Yasuhiro(bass), Shanti (vocals), & special guests Asano Takami & Kazuyuki Takekoshi and more!!! Motion Blue Flyer
December 20
60th birthday!!!
December22 >>
Leave Japan again to Saipan for visa matter, and return quickly



Jan 1
Happy New Year!
Jan 5
Godiego in a 3 song medly on TV Asahi 19:00 - 22:00PM. "Meikyoku Kaiyosai?"
Jan 24
Photo Shoot for Roland
Jan 26

Shanti "Romance With Me" Release!!

Jan 27
Video Shoot for Roland
Febuary 4
Meetings @ Roland
Febuary 7
To the US to see my father, then to France on Feb 12
Febuary 9
Godiego - New Single: "Walking On" Release
March 23

Shanti "Romance With Me" First "hall" & FULL band concert! Click banner for info!

April 2
Performance at the American School In Paris
April 4-10
Frankfurt Music Messe for Roland
April 14
Roland Demo in Lille
April 22-25
Printemps de Bourges Music Festival for Roland
May 5
Roland Tour-Nantes - Michenaud
May 6
Roland Tour: Rock 'n Scop - Redon
May 7
Roland Tour-Tregueux - Loops
May 18
Travel to Japan
May 28
Godiego 35th Aniversary Year! - Concert in Osaka
May 31
Godiego "live" TV - NHK-20:30 PM
June 21
Performing with Shanti in Paris- "Maison du Japon"
June 30
Performing with Shanti in Paris- Japan Expo 2011
July 4 / 5
For Roland -Nancy
July 11
For Roland-Lille
July 13
Leaving for Japan
July 14
In Yamagata
July 15/16
Private performance in Sendai
July 27
Going back to Paris
Aug 9
Leaving for Japan
August 13
Solo Concert in Kobe-Rokko Yama
August 14
Piano/Vocal performance-V-Drums Demo at Shinseido-Akashi- 15:00-
August 20
Piano/Vocal performance-V-Drums Demo at Shinseido-LaLa Port-Shin Misato- 15:00
August 22
Singing as "guest" at "Surfers" on Zushi beach with Onuma Yosuke and others.
August 25
Godiego TV shooting. for broadcast on NHK
August 25
Evening- Go to Hamamatsu
August 26
Meetings at Roland
August 27
Back to Zushi
August 28
Singing with Mickie Yoshino at the Homoku Jazz Festival with Watanabe Kazumi, Hino Kenji, Masayuki Higuchi + horn section & percussion.
September 12
Back to Paris
September 15
Godiego- NHK- BS Premium "J-Pop-Seishun no 80" 20:00-20:57 PM
September 20
Godiego- NHK- BS Premium "J-Pop-Seishun no 80" 160:00-16:57 PM
September 21
Roland Band Tour- Alex Musique
7 all Tilleuls, 57130 Jouy Aux Arches
Tél : 03 87 18 40 88
September 22
Roland Band Tour-Music Mag
202 r Soultz 68270 WITTENHEIM
03 89 50 59 54
September 23
Roland Band Tour-Music Point Com
3 Rue Edouard Branly
67450, Mundolsheim
September 30
Roland Band Tour-Music Essone
50 Avenue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves
91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge
October 1 & 2
V-Drums Demo- Feedback, Rotterdam, Holland
October 4
V-Drums Demo -Orphée Musique, Roanne
October 5
V-Drums Demo -Decibel, Annemasse
October 6
V-Drums Demo -Alpha Store, Douai
October 7
V-Drums Demo -Labelle Musique -144 Ave De La Liberation 59270 Bailleul
October 8
V-Drums Demo -ESM -Avenue du Lac - Site Loisinord - 62290 - Noeux-les-mines
October 13
V-Drums Demo - Gur Music, Belfort
October 14
V-Drums Demo -Europa Musique, Metz
October 18
V-Drums Demo -MC Music, Bourg en Bresse
October 19
V-Drums Demo -Euterpe Musique, Clermont Ferrand
October 20
V-Drums Demo - Jolivet, Montelimar
October 21
V-Drums Demo - Musique & Music , Nevers
October 25
Roland Band Tour - Musikia-11 boulevard Sébastopol 75001 Paris
October 26
Roland Band Tour - Music Studio, Meaux
October 27
Roland Band Tour- XL Music -23, Rue Gambetta, 28200 Châteaudun
October 28
Roland Band Tour-L'Attelier, Auxerre
November 2
Roland Band Tour -Music Passion, Limoges
November 3
Roland Band Tour -Blanchard Musique, Saintes
November 4
Roland Band Tour- Macca Music, Agen
November 8
V-Drums Demo - Harmonie Music, St Quentin
November 9
V-Drums Demo - BS Music, Arras
November 10
V-Drums Demo - Saint Maximin Musique, St Maximin
November 12
Fly to Japan!
November 15
Private performance for a company party in Yokohama
November 16/17
Godiego Rehearsals
November 19
Godiego 35th Aniversary Year! - Concert at Shibuya Kokaido. (CC Lemon Hall)
November 23

Guest onTalk show with Takeshita Yuki + 30 min piano/vocal performance in Tsujido. 15:00-16:30


November 24/25
At Roland for meetings.
December 6
Mainichi Shinbun interview & photo shoot with Shanti...(theme "oyako")
December 7/8
At Roland for meetings.
December 13
"Godiego night" for Mickie's 60th birthday celebration at Pleasure, Pleasure in Shibuya, Tokyo
December 18-22
Beijing/Shanghai, China for Roland
December 23
Moving back to my new apartment
December 26-27
At Roland for meetings.
December 28)?)
Mainichi Shinbun interview with Shanti...(theme "oyako") should appear on this day.


January 5
Back to Paris
January 11
Shanti: "Sacred Souls-Extended Re-Mix" release on the net.(iTunes etc)
January 14
Shanti @ Motion Blue-Yokohama!
"We Love Shonan" - Yokohama FM- Featured artist interview each week in Febuary.
Febuary 27
"Under The Covers " - Japan CD release & Worldwide release on the net!
March 3-9
To Massachusetts for my father's 95th Birthday!
March 22-27
Frankfurt Musik Messe 4 Roland ( #26!)
April 21
Roland-Demo Tour - Music Studio-Meaux
April 23
Roland-Demo Tour - Total Music-Paris
May 4
Roland-Demo Tour St Maxime Music- Noeux-les-Mines
May 5
Roland-Demo Tour Harmonie - St Quetin
May 6
Roland-Demo Tour Euro Guitares -Lille
May 7
Roland-Demo Tour -All Musique -Le Havre
May 11
Roland-Demo Tour- Crock More-Perpignan
May 12
Roland-Demo Tour-Midi Musique-Toulouse
May 13
Back To Paris
May 18
Roland-Demo Tour - Europa Musiqe-Metz
May 19
Roland-Demo Tour - Musique Point Com-Strasbourg
May 20
Roland-Demo Tour- Music Mag 68-Mulhouse
May 21
Roland-Demo Tour- Data Musique-Besancon
May 25
Roland-Demo Tour - Music3000-Nice
May 26
Roland-Demo Tour -LaBaggeutterie -Marseille
May 27
Roland-Demo Tour -Gebelin Musique -Marseille
May 28
Roland Demo Tour Azema Music -Castelnau-Le Nez
May 29
Roland-set-up day for Summer Drum Show
May 30
Roland Demo Tour "Summer Drum Show" Palais des Congres - Montpelier
June 2
Travel to Japan
June 7-9
Meetings @ Roland
June 13
Shonan Beach FM-1:00PM "live" interview etc.
June 18
Travel to Paris
June 20
Piano/Vocal Performance in Neuilly for "Music Day" at "’hôtel Arturo Lopez" 17:00 -17:15
June 21
Piano/Vocal Performance @ lunchtime, and early evening at Cafe Porte Des Sablons, 16 Rue Jacques Dulud, Neuilly (metro Les Sablons)
July 18
Shanti and her band at Nagoya Blue Note!
July 23
Shanti and her band at Motion Blue Yokohama
August 7
Arrive in Japan
August 22
Piano/Vocal "live" in Kobe
August 25-27
Meetings at Roland
August 29
Piano/Vocal "Sunset Live" in Hayama 18:00 (free)
Sept 6
Lyon for Roland
Sept 13
Nancy for Roland
Sept 14-17
Roland Demo Tour
Sept 20
Lille for Roland
October 4
Nantes for Roland
October 8
Music Star in Brest - Demo for Roland
October 9
Sono West in Rennes - Demo for Roland
"Milonga"-With the Roland Band -Villiers Sur Marne (paris suberb)
"Rhthmic"-With the Roland Band @ Studio Cross Over, Eragny sur Oise
October 17
"Milonga"-With the Roland Band - TBA
October 21
"Milonga"-With the Roland Band - Rennes
October 27
"Milonga"-With the Roland Band -Nimes
October 31
Travel to Japan
Nov 2/3
November 6
Godiego Concert in Kobe
Nov 11/12
Meetings at Roland
November 20
Godiego Concert in Tokyo- CC Lemon Hall
Nov 26
Shooting for a New Year TV program, to be broadcast on January 5: TV Asahi 19:00 - 22:00PM. "Meikyoku Kaiyosai?"
Nov 27
Travel to Paris
Dec 2
Roland Band tour- Toulon-Steel Music
Dec 3
Roland Band tour- Marseille-Gebblin Music 16:00 - 19:00 Mini Concert at the end.
Dec 4
Roland Band tour- Cannes-Work Music Concept 16:00 - 19:00 Mini Concert at the end.
Dec 7
V-Drums tour- Annecy/Annemasse
Dec 8
V-Drums Demo - Lyon -La Baguetterie 15:00-20:00
Dec 20
Arrive in Japan
Dec 21-22
Meetings at Roland/Hamamatsu
Dec 25
Event @ Shinseido-Tsuruma - 15:00
Dec 26
Event @ Shinseido-Kamioka -14:00
Dec 28
Godiego-Recording Session
Dec 29
Godiego concert in the "countdown" Festival Festival (performance in the afternoon)


January 3
Back to Paris- and apartment hunting!
Febuary 12
Short Concert for children at the Conservatory Superiour in Paris
Febuary 19/20
Recording Studio for Mixing new album
March 2/3
Mixing new album
March 7
Going to Massachusetts for my father's 94th Birthday
March 10
Leave US for Japan
March 13
Meetings at Roland
March 17-23
Godiego Rehearsals
March 24
Godiego -Special Concert-Tokyo Geijitsu Gekkijo
March 26
Tommy Snyder & Friends rehearsal
March 27/28
Tommy Snyder & Friends at Motion Blue, Yokohama Featuring Char(guit/vo), Mickie Yoshino(keys/vo), Naruse "Narucho" Yoshihiro(bass), Takekoshi Kazuyuki(keys/vo) & special guest: Shanti (vo)
March 29
Leave Japan for Paris
March 30 - April 5
Frankfurt Music Messe for Roland (25th year!)
June 11-14
London International Music Show for ROLAND
June 21
"Fete De La musique" Neuilly Sur Seine - At 3 PM-Hotel Arturo Lopez-12 Rue du Centre-Neuilly Sur Seine -25 minute performance on piano and vocal in each place.
Waitering! & Apartment hunting- Found one!
July 26
Fly to Japan
July 30/31
Meetings at Roland
August 2
Godiego Concert-Free-Setagaya Matsuri-Tokyo
Aug 6/7
Meetings at Roland
August 8
Private "live" in Kobe
Aug 13
Shanti: "live on TVK" 13:00
Aug 17/18
Fly To Paris
Sept 3
Back to Japan for a TV shooting (Hey,Hey,Hey)
Sept 12
Fly To Paris
Sept 19/20
"Bag Show" - Paris (drummers day)
Sept 21
Hey,Hey,Hey TV Broadcast
November 4
Valence - "Boite a Musique" for Roland
November 5
Lyon - "Star's Music" for Roland
November 6

Clermont Ferrand - "Clermont Musique " for Roland 12-17:00

In Vichy : From 20:00 - Evening presentation/performance at Euterpe Music

November 7
Grenoble - Foire de Grenoble for Roland
November 15
Leave for Japan
November 21
Godiego Concert in Tokyo- CC Lemon Hall
November 29-Dec 4
At Roland for R & D work and the International meeting
December 11
Shonan Beach FM recording with Eiizin Suzuki(for Dec 13 broadcast)
December 15-17
At Roland for R & D work
December 19
Shanti @ at La Maree de Chaya! I will be there/
December 28
Interview with me appears in the magazine "Shonan Style" is on sale Dec 28.
December 30
Godiego as special guest on the Japanese "Recordo Taisho" The "grammy awards" of Japan.


January 16
Fly to paris
January 25
Shanti's debut album "Share My Air release!
Febuary 28
Fly to Japan
March 3-7
Godiego rehearsals
March 8, 2008
Godiego Concert - Ikeburkuro Geijitsu Gekkijo - with guests: Yoshizawa Yoji, full string section/horns/ & 60 member choir. more info to follow
March 9
Fly to Paris
March 10
Fly to Frankfurt
March 11-16
Frankfurt Music Messe for Roland
April 11-17
Recording Project for Roland in France
April 12
Shanti @ Cotton Club
May 15
Fly to Japan
May 17, 2008
ROLAND demo - KASHIWA La La Port, Shimamura Music.

May, 18 2008


Shanti will be performing "live" from 5pm on FM Yokohama, 84.6. "We love Shonan ~ communitiy radio" She'll be playing with guitar player, Nishiyama Fumio.
May 19-21
Rehearsals with Simon Philips
May 22, 2008
Hoshino Gakki's 100th Aniversary Event in Nagoya, performance with Simon and others.
May 23-24
Meetings at Roland
May 24
Shanti at La Maree de Chaya-Hayama

June 3/4, 2008

Motion Blue Yokohama

Tommy Snyder Special Session featuring Mickie Yoshino, Takami Asano,
Yoshihiro Naruse, Kazuyuki Takekoshi and Shanti
Music Fee: JPY6,300(including tax)
Show times:1st Stage [Open 5:00p.m. Start 6:30p.m.] 2nd Stage [Open 8:00p.m. Start 9:30p.m.]
June 11
To London
June 12-15
London International Music Show for ROLAND
June 16
Back To Paris
July 23
To Japan
July 26
Shanti at La Maree de Chaya-Hayama
July 26
Godiego Rehearsal at Tokyo Big Site
July 26
Godiego Concert at Tokyo Big Site, at 7 A.M. for a special radio show.
August 4-5
Meetings at Roland in Hammamatsu
August 6
Meeting in Tokyo for Shanti's new TV surprise...!
August 8
Radio Show recording for Shonan Beach FM
August 11
Kamakura Hanabi Taikai- Fireworks festival!
August 16-17
Recording with Mickie Yoshino for a movie soundtrack
August 19
Recording with Mickie Yoshino an "old guys band"
August 28-29
Meetings at Roland in Hammamatsu
September 6
Godiego Concert in Fuji-kyuku Highand-
September 7
To Paris
Sept 12-15
Salon De La Musique - Paris (for Roland)
November 9
Leave for Tokyo
November 11-12-13
Godiego Rehearsals
November 15
Godiego Concert in Akita
November 20
Godiego Concert in Nagoya
November 18
November 22
Godiego Concert in Tokyo- CC Lemon Hall
November 24-26
"Night Of The Keys"- Roland Event in Holland & Belgium
December 18
Leave Paris for Japan
December 23
Meetings at Roland in Hamamatsu
December 26
Recording with Mickie Yoshino for my new album
December 25
Godiego "dinner show" in Yokohama
December 28
Shanti on J Wave Radio at 1 AM!
December 29
Radio Show recording with Suzu Eizin for Shonan Beach FM


January 13 - 22
San Diego to visit my brother- then to the NAMM Show-Los Angeles -then toMassachusetts to see my father from 23-25-then back to Paris

January 28

Shanti arrives in Paris to finish recording basic tracks for her first album
Feb 2-3-4
Recording -Paris -Shanti Project
Feb 5
Concert for Children 9:30AM-Conservatoire Superiour -Paris
Feb 14-17
Athens, Greece: for Roland @ Modern Music School - Feb 15th - 17:00 and 19:30
Feb 28
Le Havre, France -Roland demo @ All Music
March 2
Leave for Japan
March 5-6-6
Visit Roland - Hammamatsu
March 10-15
Godiego Rehearsals
March 16
Tokyo - Special Concert! Godiego plus 10 horns - - Koto - Shakuhachi - 60 member chorus group - Percussion (Hidano Shuichi) + Special Guests - Jennifer BattenHino Kenji - Photos Here
March 26 - April 1
Frankfurt Music Messe
May 2
Recording-Paris (Shanti Prioject)
May 5
TV Broadcast of the Godiego Concert on March 16 - NTV Satelite Channel
May 10-19
My brother, Steve, visiting Paris
May 16
Shanti at Blues Alley- Tokyo
May 19
Leave For Japan
June 14
To Paris...Mixing of Shanti's Album
July 14
SHANTI at Motion Blue, Yokohama!
August 5
Arrive in Japan
Aug 10
Meeting at Roland-Hammamatsu & kamakura Hanabi Taikai (fireworks)
August 13
Radio Show recording Shonan Beach FM -Shonan Breeze - Tommy and Suzuki Eijin
Aug 14
TV Show Shooting - Music Fair-
August 16
GODIEGO - Jingu Stadium - 25,000 people - Tokyo
Aug 17
Godiego - New Single recording
Aug 18

Godiego - New Single recording

Music Fair-"On Air"- Godiego with Monkey Majik

24 Hour TV -Rehearsal at Budokan

August 19
Godiego @ Budokan/NTV 24Hour TV-Charity program- Godiego Live at 18:30
Aug 23
TV Interview on the Beach
Aug 24-25
Godiego - New Single recording
September 4
Back to Paris
September 23
Shanti on Shonan Beach FM- LIVE radio show - she will play 3 songs from her upcoming album, Share My Air - Program is broadcast live on the internet at BeachFM (Japanese) or BeachFM (English).
September 27
Shanti Live at Blues Alley - Meguro-Tokyo(see the What's New page for details and link
October 1 or 2
Back to Japan
October 6
Roland Demo at Shimamura Gakki- SUZUKA
October 8
Roland Demo at Shimamura Gakki- OKAZAKI
October 10
Godiego - New Releases- Single "Big Mama" and the DVD of the March Concert
October 14
Roland Demo at Shimamura Gakki- FUKUOKA
October 16-17
Roland - Hammamatsu - Meetings
October 22
Godiego-TV shooting-NHK - "Songs"
October 23-24
Godiego Rehearsals
October 26
Godiego Concert @ C.C. Lemon Hall - Tokyo
November 1
Godiego on Tokudane! (MorningTV show-Japan)
November 4
Back to Paris
November 15/16/19
Perkumania-concerts for children-Paris
November 29
Back to Japan
December 1
Roland Demo at Shimamura Music- Kumamoto
December 2
Roland Demo at Shimamura Music- Kawasaki - Lazona
December 9
Roland Demo at Shimamura Music- URAWA
December 12
Godiego on NHK - "Songs" Broadcast at 23:00
December 14
Private Party gig
December 18
Godiego on NHK - "Songs" Re-broadcast at 01:50AM
December 19
Godiego on NHK -BS-2 "Songs" Re-broadcast at 08:30 AM
December 19
Interview for a book celebrating Hoshino Gakki's(Tama Drums/Ibanez Guitars) 100th aniversary.
December 25
Godiego Dinner Show in Tokyo-Prince Park Tower
December 28
Tommy Snyder & Friends rehearsal
December 30/31

Tommy Snyder & Friends at Motion Blue Yokohama Featuring Mickie Yoshino, CHAR, Yoshihiro Naruse, Kazuyuki Takekoshi and Shanti

SOLD OUT! Standing room only

Photo Reports of Various Events are listed here.

Event & Performance Link Page


January- Febuary 2006
Japan for Roland & other activities.
March 17 - 23
Tokyo - Godiego Recording
March- 26 - April- 2
Frankfurt Music Messe for Roland
April 20
To Japan for Godiego Press Conference, recording.
May 4
Godiego Concert: Nara, Japan Todaiji Temple
May 7-14
Jerusalem-May 9 Haifa-May 10-Tel Aviv-May 11
June 1-9
Tokyo for Roland
June 10 -23
US Massachusetts, Maine, New York
June 27-30
Moscow for Roland
July 8 -17
Lyon, France : "Percupassion Festival"
July 23
To Japan
July 29 & 30
Hayama, La Mare de Chaya's 30th Aniversary party, with Mickie Yoshino, Hino Kenji, Shanti & Kazuyuki Takekoshi
July 31
Recording -Godiego
August 2
Recording -Godiego
August 4
Asakusa-Komaki Gakki-Roland Demonstration
August 12
Godiego - NHK "Omoiede no Melody" "Live
August 14
Godiego- SMAP SMAP Special Program"on air"
August 22
Sendai- Special Event for Sendai Communication Arts - @ Zepp
August 23,24,25
Recording/Mixing -Godiego
August 28
Hammamatsu-meetings at Roland
Sept 4
TV -Godiego -broadcast Sept 20-NTV 19:00-22:00
Sept 6
Return To paris
Sept 8-12
Paris : "Salon de la Musique"
Sept 26 -Oct 8
Shanti in Paris : 1st album recording
Oct 9-10
UK - Roland Drum Summit
October 13 -15
Performance in Bastia(Corsica) France
October 17
Leave for Japan-Godiego Rehearsals & Tour
October 26
Godiego Concert-Tokyo-Stellar Hall
October 29
Ishibashi Gakki-Umeda Roland Planet - Demo-Osaka - 16:00 - 18:00
October 30
Godiego Concert-Osaka
October 31
Godiego Concert-Osaka
November 1
Godiego Concert-Nagoya-Zepp
November 6
Godiego Concert-Tokyo - Stellar Hall
November 7
At Roland
November 8
Godiego NHK "J-Melo"TV Shooting
November 11
Leave for Paris
November 20-26

"Perkumania Festival " Concerts for children & workshops, master classes - - Tommy performance Nov 24, evening Conservatoire Superiour

December 2
Return to Japan
December 8
TV Shooting "Oyaji Battle"at Fukuoka Sun Palace
December 11/12
Rehearsals for Godiego
December 14
Godiego Dinner Show- Sheraton Grand Bay Hotel
December 18
Godiego Dinner Show Hakata Hotel Okura
December 22
Private X-Mas Party
December 23
December 24
Godiego Dinner Show Osaka Westin


December 30, 31
"Tommy Snyder & Friends" featuring Char, Mickie Yoshino, Hino Kenji, Shanti, Nishiwaki Tatsuya
July 16 - Aug 9 Japan

Tokyo - "Crocodile" -July 29: with Shanti, Hino Kenji, Tatsuya Nishiwaki and Zaindre Yarborough


June 1: Marseille -June 2: Lyon ---June 3: Strasbourg - - - June 7 Limoges --- June 8: Toulouse --- June 9: Rennes --June 10: Paris June 14 - Clermont Ferand --June 15 - St Etienne June 16 - Annecy
June 17- Grenoble ---June 18 - Lyon----June 22- Nice -June 22 Cannes----June 23- Montpelier--- June 24 -Perpignan


Japan--. May 7 - 18 Foire de Paris -May 20-21-22May 24: Le Havre- --May 25 Rouen -- May 26: Caen -

August 12 -21
South Africa -Johannesburg -Durban-Port Elizabeth Cape Town
Sept 1 -10
Sept 11 -16
September 25
"Bag Show" Paris
October 12-13-14
Barcelona, Spain
October 26-27-28
Chalon - Valence - Vichy -France
November 3 - 6
"Music Live" Birmingham, UK
November 14 - 21
Perkumania Paris
November 27 -
Japan for Roland, concerts etc.

September 2001 Tour In China ,Hong Kong, Japan etc.

9/11!! I'm leaving this here, because it was my first visit to China in more than 20 years, and I arrived on September 11, 2001

China Tour Map