GODIEGO Concert March 13, 2007 -Tokyo

Press Conference before the concert...

(the journalists always smile when it's me taking THEIR photo)

The band before the show

Pipe Organ - 2 players - one page turner..

Background Vocalists - The Tokyo School of Music Gospel Ensemble

The horn section (10) conducted by Kishimoto Hiroshi

Narration : Ichihara Etsuko

Japanese Percussion: Hidano Shuichi

Featured Guest Guitarist: Jennifer Batten

Guest Bassist: Kenji Hino

2nd Keyboards/Background Vocals: Takekoshi Kazuyuki




Below Left: Koto:Miki Maruta

Below Right: Shakuhachi:: Keisuke Doi



Pantomime : Shimpei Horinouchi

Guitar: Takami Asano - - Bass : Steve Fox



Godiego's leader/ Keyboards : Mickie Yoshino

Lead Vocals: Yukihide Takekawa



Drums : Tommy Snyder

And Our Wonderful Fans!!!!!

All photos by Shima Yoichi