Links to Events and Live Performance Photos 2009-1999

2009 Godiego Concert - March, 2009 Le Bag Show 2009 Paris


2008 Godiego Concert - March, 2008


2007 Tour For Shimamura Music -November/December


2006 Israel May
Percupassion July
Corsica October
Perkumania November
Christmas Concert
Godiego Tour Japan 1


2005 Frankfurt 2005
South Africa Tour
Albi 2005
Tour - France May-June
Tour - France October
Perkumania November
My 20th Aniversary @ Frankfurt
Tommy Snyder &Friends @ Motion Blue, Yokohama Dec. 30/31


2004 Yokohama Jam
Margate UK April
Avignon May
Cavalion June
Les Percussives-2004
Montbrison Nov.
Michenaud Dec.
Bag Show 2004
Music Live 2004-UK
Journees De La Percussion 2004
Rock Palace Holland April
Seminar at NCA in Nagoya


2003 Portugal Tour April
Bag Show 2003
Tommy "live" in Japan
PASIC 2003
Journees De La Percussion 2003
Les Percussives-2003


2002 Live at Estado Novo in Porto, Portugal- Febuary

Percupassion 2002
France Tour October
Godiego 2002
Japan, France & Hungary-2002
Journees De la Percussion 2002


2001 Yokohama 2001
China - Sep 11, 2001
Live in Yokohama - October
China Tour 2001
Performance @ Roland-2001
Frankfurt Music Messe 2001
France & London


2000 Fete De La Musique- France at La Cigale-Paris EventReports2000-Japan-Hungary-France
Frankfurt Messe 2000
Tomorrow's World
Godiego Tour 2000 -Japan
Japan Trip Summer 2000


1999 In August, after recording the new GODIEGO album, the seven gig tour in Japan with MAKINTO (Flute/Piano) and Akagi Rie (Flute) went very well. The " first reunion tour" of GODIEGO, my group in Japan was a fantastic success. From '78 -'85, we were one of the biggest selling groups there, and never re-united after breaking up in '85. We recorded a new album (Oct '99)

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