Solo Christmas Concert December 23, 2006 at the Hallelujah Community Church Hamamatsu, Japan -

This link allows you to view edited versions of the performance. RealPlayer is needed to view.


I used the Roland TD-12 V-Drums, Phantom X 8 Keyboard and the Handsonic-15 & SPD-S Pad Sampler


Audience Photos

I was honored by the presence of my very good, long-time friends, Sumiko and Shigeki Suzuta, who travelled 3 hours to see the concert. Also it was thanks to Mr Suzuta, that I was even able to do this concert.

I also received a surprise bouquet of flowers for my birthday.

Church staff and friends..

After the concert, I was autographing my CD's, my children's books and Godiego CD's and DVD's for the people who came to the concert.