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Makinto was born to a Liberian mother and German father, and was brought up in Germany, France, the United States and Africa. "An African In Paris," his debut album, is a collaboration of many Paris based musicians, each one chosen for his or her particular talents and culture, most of whom are working or have worked with such artists as Weather Report, Papa Wemba, Youssou N'Dour, Myriam Makeba, Salif Keita, Sixun, Lokua Kanza etc. Their countries of origin include Liberia, Senegal, Cameroon, Brazil, Mali, Cuba, Mexico, Martinique, Guadaloupe, France, Germany and the United States. So even though these various influences give a different colour to each tune, you still feel the African spirit of music and it's powerful, joyful pulsation throughout the entire album, recorded in a wonderful ambiance, complemented by Makinto's mastery of his own multi-expressive craft.
“An African In Paris” marks the debut of a truly world class musician.

Released in Japan in 1997, France in 1998, selected cuts on the Song Of Life compilation released in the UK. As of this writing, January, 2002, Makinto's version of Summertime is still heard on FIP in Paris, and JAZZ FM in London.

St. Thomas
Let's Start Again
Mapakalimba II
My Life Is Hilife
Mapakalimba III
An African In Paris
Leo's Dream
African In Paris Song Profiles & Credits
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Song Of Life

Two songs from "An African In Paris" are included in this compilation released by JAZZ FM, London. Other artists include Manu Dibango, Angelique Kidjo, King Sunny Ade, Johnny Clegg & Savuka etc. Available in the UK.

About Malimba



Besides his projects as a musician Makinto created his award winning "Merci Mama Africa" a one-man show that he toured with in France. Now, settled in the New York City area, he's been touring his new show, MALIMBA - Music Is Hope. In it he performs traditional and standard tunes, as well as his original compositions. This self-produced recording is performed by him alone, and/ or with an effective, "Makinto-ish" jazz ensemble he put together for this purpose. You can't miss the "theatrical vibe." And there are moments when you are reminded of his very unique approach to playing the flute.

Left; with "Speedy" Tanaka, President of Altus Flute

Right; with Tommy Snyder.


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