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Since 2006 GODIEGO is officially back together, with new maxi-single releases in May & October.('06) The DVD of the May 2006 concert in Todaiji was also released in September.('06)

Well, to explain to most non-Japanese, the GODIEGO story could become quite long: so for the moment, I'll try to keep it short.

People outside of Japan who have heard GODIEGO's music would most likely be in the UK, Australia, South Africa, China mainly because of the Japanese TV series "MONKEY" (title outside of Japan) which was a cult TV program broadcast originally on the BBC, which even now still enjoys popularity with websites and fan clubs devoted to the series.

In the year 2000, video releases of this series in Enlgand have all been in the top of the video charts. And in 2002 DVD's appeared on the market (I know what you are thinking, but no, we get no royalties at all!!! help! ).

GODIEGO was also known in China as the first rock group to ever perform there (in 1980) and, the concert was broadcast live on TV "locally"(though they did say that 90-100 million people watched it!).
We also did the soundtrack for a SANRIO produced movie, "The Northern Fox", which was also a huge hit in China as well as Japan.

Godiego was founded by Mickie Yoshino... something he envisioned while a student at Berklee School Of Music, in Boston, Mass. He returned to Japan, eventually forming the group in 1976.

They called me, asking me to join, and I went in the Spring of'77. What interested me the most was that it was an all-around group, doing everything from soundtracks for film and TV, jingles, producing other artists (thanks to Mickie's surperb arranging talents) or doing their own concerts, even one with the 130 member Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra!

At the end of 1978 we had a huge hit thanks to the above mentioned TV soundtrack and an excellent promotion campaign. We became huge and were always in the charts.

By 1985 we'd released more than 27 original albums.
But in 1985 we put the band to "rest" due to servere mis-management problems. This is another story of course. The popularity of the group and it's influence on the Japanese music scene became a page in Japanese music history.

The reunion album and tour in 1999/2000, bringing us together for the first time in 14 years, was a BIG success. We were invited to appear on "KOHAKU", Japan's most widely watched TV special on New Year's Eve 1999-2000. Godiego pulled a record 54% audience rating!!

We played a few more concerts in the Summer of 2000 to complete the tour. The new album did fairly well, and a subsequent compilation followed. What is most overwhelming is the true dedication of our fans. You get a hint by reading some of the letters posted on the site.

More info to follow...promise!

Above you'll find links to photos I took
during the GODIEGO recording sessions and on tour...
featuring ones taken FROM the stage at each concert and,
the usual rock 'n roll stuff.



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