At Right: Sid in March '07 (92nd Birthday!)

Below: Sid in January'07

Sid in 1931 on the beach...(he's on the bottom in the middle)

In the picture below, at the bottom left you can see my mom, Lilian, with my Dad next to her. My grandfather and grandmother are seated at the table above to the right. The word "State" begins is on my grandmothers shoulder. Photo taken in 1947

During a visit in June 2006 - Sid at 91-looking better than he did in years before...

Sid,(90) trying an iPod for the very first time during my visit in September 2005

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Sid, during my visit in January, 2004

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We laughed a lot...

November 2003

I brought over his Roland Rhodes-760 piano. As soon as it was set up, he was playing. Below, with his friend Jule, who sings.

Sid, the inventor. The music stand below, was made so it would fit on the table for his piano (above). It's made with a kitchen sink rack, a bycycle basket, parts of an aluminum door, part of an antique music stand, some plumbing joints and a lamp. Patent pending!!!

Ruth's House, the Assisted Living Facility where Sid lives.

March, 2003

Sid celebrated his 88th birthday on March 7, 2003.

Below: Sid with his best friend and drummer, Gerry.

From left to right: Jule, Sid, Theo & Clair.

Shanti visited him the week before.

My Visit With Sid


Sid stopped his "swing" gigs at the end of 1999 and in early 2000 moved to a nursing home because of Parkinson's disease. Time passed and his condition got worse and worse. He could hardly move without help, was in a wheel-chair of course, was sleeping a lot or would even fall asleep during a conversation or even while eating. In Feburary, 2001 he had a major heart attack. The doctors and we in the family thought that this was the end of his suffering. But he left the hospital, and returned to the nursing home. Since then he's the "miracle man" or the "comeback kid." No explanation really. Perhaps the heart attack "re-set" his system? What's amazing is that he regained control of his fingers, staarted to play piano again and could suddenly even read certain things WITHOUT his glasses. Around that time he called to say, "I walked 150 Feet(50 meters) without the walker!" His hands shake less, he's in great spirits, and we're just thankful.

Sid Snyder Appreciation Day Info & Photos here: Sid Snyder Day

August 2001

One of the greatest thrills during my visit in April, 2001, was to see my Dad back at the piano.I find it hard to imagine what it would feel like to have lost complete control of the fingers, and to then get it back one year later!


One childhood memory is helping Sid in his darkroom to develop black & white photos. the backgroud image for this page is one of his, as is the photo below. Both were taken in Forest Park, Springfield, Mass.

Here are a few newspaper clippings....and a not-so-hot photo of his group, which fluctuated from trio to septet, depending. The music they played is "swing," and it's the REAL stuff so people could dance. My Dad sang a few tunes, and the musicians always enjoyed themselves. I had fun "sitting in" in the summer of '98 with the group.

Sid Snyder Quartet Gerry Tarozzi Drums
Artie Serafino Trumpet/Flugel Horn
Sid Snyder Piano/Vocal
Brian David Bass

Here's a picture of Sid and I, when he played piano and sang two songs with "Debut," our Jazz-Pop-Rock group, a side project Mickie Yoshino and our friends had a lot of fun with. This was at the "Shell Garden" in Yokohama in 1981/1982

His address is:
Sid Snyder
Ruth's House
780 Converse Street
Longmeadow, Mass 01106 U.S.A.