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GODIEGO - "Walking On "

35th Aniversary!!

In stores in Japan, Febuary 9, 2011


Shanti - "Romance With Me "

In stores in Japan, January 26, 2011 & worldwide on iTunes.


Shanti - "Born To Sing "

In stores in Japan, June 23 2010 & worldwide on iTunes.

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Tommy Snyder - "Under The Covers "

In stores in Japan, March 2010

More info on the Hayama Page

Photo above by Lisa Roze

Shanti - "Share My Air"

In stores in Japan, March 2008, worldie on iTunes an many other sites.

More info on the Hayama Page

October 24 , 2007

Godiego Single- Big Mama

October 24 , 2007

Godiego DVD- "Shinsoseki" Performed in March, 2007

Photos from this concert

October 2006

"One For Everyone"- Godiego

Universal Music Japan



Sept 27, 2006

Godiego DVD! "Live in Todaiji"

This was our first big concert after officially reuniting in 2006. Photos from this concert can be seen here.

July 2006

"Gloria" - Greg Di Mano featuring Tommy Snyder -

A dance version of the classic Van Morrison song, released in France, July, 2006 - Available on Scorpio Music -Distribution in France -Sony/BMG - More info: GLORIA

On iTunes here (france iTunes)

May 2006

"Monkey Magic 2006 "- Godiego

Universal Music Japan





April 2006

Japanese Movie Sound Track

I am singing the theme, "Here, Always" in duo with YOSHIKA

On itunes here

Japanse Purchase info here:



July - 2005

Made In Y.O. - Ohno Yuji

I started working with him in 1978, singing theme songs for Japanese animations, like Lupin The Third. However in this album, "Made In Y.O." I am singing a remake of Yuji's famus Japanese movie theme - "Ningen No Shomei"('proof of the man') and a duo version (with Takekawa, lead vocalist of Godiego) of another theme song I sang many years ago: "Marine Express"

LUPIN THE THIRD - NEW MIX 2005 - Ohno Yuji

May - 2005

On this album are real re--mixes of the originals recorded in 1978. I am singing on various tracks. "Super Hero" has a different lyric than the original series. ("Tommy Mix") And the song, "Leave You" is released for the very first time.

Columbia Music Entertainment : COCX-33151

All Of Mid-Summer Blossoms

July - 2005

This is acompilation of a series I worked on as co-producer and lyricist of English versions of songs by Keisuke Kuwata, one of the most important singer songwriters, (of the"Southern All Stars" band).

Featured vocalists include: Philip Bailey, Taj Mahal, Dr. John, Leon Russel, Edgar Winter, Lenny Williams, Bobby Kimbal, Michael Sembello, Bill Champlin

Sony Music Entertainment : MHCL574