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Birthday Clips!
Pre-First Set
Pre-Second Set
Friends Messages
I Need Time
Tommy - Tokyo-November 20, 2010
NEW! Tommy & the Roland Band- Agen, November 4, 2011
Tommy @ Motion Blue, Yokohama
Clip from 1986, Produced in Belgium
Handsonic 10 Demo @ The NAMM Show 2007
Toyota iST Commercial that I sang
Super Hero
Idemitsu CM Song-1985
"Lucky" From Lupinthe III
Killing Me Softly With His Song
NEW: Love Matters
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Cry Me A River
Manatsu no Kajitsu-Summer Blue
From This Moment On
Our Song
Look Back
Aqua's Lullaby
Closing Time
Sacred Souls Re-Mix Clip!
Closing Time @ Cotton Club -Tokyo
"As God Loves You"
"Home" for Mt Rainier Coffee

"Home(2)" for Mt Rainier Coffee

"Curtain Call" for Mt Rainier Coffee
Sid & Tommy at SId's 95th Birthday Party
SId playing Piano in his room (@95 years)


Monkey Magic (from the "SONGS" TV Show
Fuji TV 2000 Godiego imitators then us:
From "Magic Capsule" -Monkey Magic-LIVE
'Beautiful Name" NHK TV 1979
"Holy & Bright" 1979-Live TV
"Galaxy Express 999"/Holy & Bright 1980