In June 2006, I went from Japan to the US to visit my father, and spent time with my brother up in Maine, where our family and relatives have been going for a very long time. In the 20's, my grandfather Moris was travelling in Maine, looking for a place to buy lobsters for Snyders Market when he discovered Goose Rocks Beach near Kennebunkport. He bought land and built a summer house there. I spent all my summers as a child there.

From our back porch, with my Aunt's house in view. At right is my Grandfather's house, where another Aunt lives.

Me sitting on the car, in front of our cottage, using a Wi-Fi signal from a neighbor, in order to get on line. At right, the road leading to the beach.

The beach at 6 AM

Me with my brother Steve.
With his two children, Jay and Becky.

Visiting my Dad

He's 91. I wish I'll look that good when I am 75!

Wearing a GODIEGO hat.

Back view of Ruth's House, where Sid lives. Seems like a strange way to trim those bushes.