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About Nami's Song

"Nami" means "wave" in Japanese. When close friends in the seaside village of Hayama, my Japanese "hometown," formed an FM radio station, I took responsibility for all the jingles, with the idea that one theme would be used, but in many styles.
Over the years, essentially in collaboration with Makinto, Nami's Song was "reborn" many times. Guitarist/Vocalist, Pascal Danať brought his unique "Creole" touches to the melody, and guitarist Jean-Michel Kajdan's fusion arrangement, featuring Eric Seva on sax was recorded "live" in the studio. When my longtime friend and partner, Claude Bernath said, "you have to do this, it's one of your life works," that initially struck me in a strange way. But I also realised that it's true, because life IS a wave.

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About Snyder's Market

With performance elements ranging from a true American Pop style duet/ballad, to the haunting, Creole influenced, vocalised Nami's Song, the bluesy rock groove of Star Of A Million Eyes, the jazz touches of How Can You live Without Love, or the electro-Motown-ish Rite Emotion, Snyder's Market, just like Grandpa Snyder did, keeps on delivering something-for-everyone appeal. The music never gets in your way, with excellent musicianship and a variety of vocal performances allowing it to play like a customized radio show. As producer, Tommy always allows the players to "make the music theirs". A fine drummer himself, he didn't hesitate to ask a friend to play drums on two songs, so he could record live vocals with the band (tracks 7 & 8). But that's normal when you take into consideration the vast wealth of experience Tommy's gained in his multi-faceted career. See "Tommy page"

Musicians Include: Jean-Michel Kajdan, Max Middleton, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Eric Seva, Makinto, Kirt Rust, SylvIn Marc, Mickie Yoshino, Shanti Snyder, Carole Fredericks, Linda-Lee Hopkins, Arnold Moueza, Pape Dieye, Danae...

Snyder's Market   CREDITS
TRACK LISTING : Star Of A Million Eyes - One Wish For You - Beyond Control Of Love - Everything to Me (square) - Mystery Experience - Nami's Song - When You're Gone - How Can You Live Without Love? - That's the Way It Has 2 Be - Rite Emotion - Everything to Me (in the 'round).   All Words & Music by Tommy Snyder


About Hearts On Fire

Seven of the tracks were recorded in London, with Max Middleton, Robert Ahwai, Kuma Harada, Jay Stapely and Martin Ditchum .
For a few songs, the lead vocal went down live with the band. Eric Persing produced a few songs in LA, and sessions with top Paris based musicians like Jean-Michel Kajdan, Basil Leroux, Sylvin Marc, and Jean-Philippe Rykiel, once again the result is an album with mixed "colors" but more "rock" in nature.
Hearts On Fire  CREDITS

TRACK LISTING : Such A Long Time - Looking For Tomorrow - Can't Get Enough - *Oh Girl* - Don't take The Sun Away - Day By Day - Where's It Gonna take Us To? - *Just A Little Bit*- What's The Need - Let Love Burn - Speak To Me - Hearts On Fire .
All Words & Music: Tommy Snyder except *(Music by Keisuke Kuwata)


About Take A Look

This was the first collaboration with many Paris or London based musicians. Eric Persing also produced one song in L.A. It was also a project that never would have been realised withtout the support of the Studio Des Dames owners, Jeroen and Dom. Horn arrangements are by Kishimoto Hiroshi, a friend of Tommy's from the Godiego days. Musicians Include: Jean-Michel Kajdan, Max Middleton, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Patrick Bourgoin, SylvIn Marc, Carole Fredericks, Yvonne Jones.

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