Share My Air - Songwriting Credits
1. Wake Up To The Sun
Music by Shanti & Ryosuke Kihara-Lyrics by Shanti
2. Sacred Souls
Music by Shanti & Hans Joerg-Scheffler-Lyrics by Shanti
3. Summer Sun
Music and Lyrics by Shanti
4. Let's Live In The Light
Music and Lyrics by Shanti
5. A Case Of You
Music and Lyrics by Joni Mitchell
6. As God Loves You
Music and Lyrics by Shanti
7. Share My Air
Music and Lyrics by Shanti
8. I Got You
Music by Hans Joerg-Scheffler & Tommy Snyder-Lyrics by Shanti
9. Shimmering Eyes
Music and Lyrics by Shanti
Performed By
Mario Canonge
Jean-Michel Kajdan
Thierry Fanfant
Jean-Philipe Fanfant

From left to right: Jean Michel Kajdan, Jean Philipe Fanfant, Shanti, Thierry Fanfant, Mario Canonge

And also with
Piano on "A Case Of You"

Jean-Philippe Rykiel

Piano on "As God LovesYou" & Harmonica on "Summer Sun"
Tatsuya Nishiwaki
Pandeiro/Cuica on "Wake Up To The Sun"
Paul Mindy
Percussion on "As God Loves You"
Ipiqui Takemoto
Percussion on "Sacred Souls" & "I Got You" & Background Vocals on "Let's Live In The Light"
Thierry Fanfant
V-Drums on "Summer Sun" & Background Vocals on "Sacred Souls"
Tommy Snyder
Recorded By
Engineer: Christophe Marais
Assisted by: Laurent Binder (Studio Ferber) & Alex Bourrain(Studio Pigalle)
Mastered by: Roldolphe Plisson at Studio A.V.R.M.
Photography & Visuals
Photos By
Lisa Roze
Christian Do
Frederic Barat
Florence Depestele
Koji & Maya Kaise
Jerome Colliard

Below from left to right: Florence, Lisa, Koji, Shanti, Frederic & Christian