(updated June, 2008) Late April, 2007while I was having an early morning coffee at my friend's cafe across the street from my apartment, Alain, the owner said to me, "Tommy, my wife was bit by her own dog, and is in the hospital, and I need help for the lunch service." I said, "you want me to be a waiter?" He said, "yes."

So I worked that day, and almost everyday I am in Paris since that time. To be honest, I enjoy it, and I am not doing it for money, but really for the fun, just during lunch time. Of course I am happy to say that many clients now own one of my CD's or that of Shanti.

The cafe is called, "Cafe de la Porte Des Sablons" at 16 Rue Jacques Dulud, Neuilly Sur Seine-nearest Metro station is "Les Sablons"

My Friend Alain and me..

The chef, also named Alain

And when the lunch service is over.....time to sweep up....

June 2008- I arrived, and Cedric-a "real" waiter, said to me, "Tommy don't move." and he quickly wiped my face with a French-Flag magic marker. There was an important football match that night (France did lose however.)