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These memorable photos, are not posted in any special order. Usually, "recent discovery first" is the policy.

From the early 80's playing the Roland Alpha Drums.

My band, Spirit In Flesh-early 70's(that's me on the right)

An old friend found this photo of me-from the 70's.

Finally found 2 more photos from the history making concert in Katmandhu in 1980. One shot is to the left of the stage, and the other is from behind my drums.


I have been recording a special "english" lesson, for Yuki Takeshita's radio program on Shonan Beach FM(also broadcast on the net) I'm doing it with my friend Suzuki Eijin, a very well known artist(not musical) in Japan. It's more like a "comedy english lesson," and is a lot of fun. Above, with Eijin and Yuki.


I found this van in a parking lot with the illustration from Ginga Tetsudo 999 ( animation film that gave Godiego one of our huge hit records)

Larger version of my grandfather's truck photo..(modified of course)

Here are a few photos of Godiego appearing in ads for chocolate and cold medecine...


School photo from 1963....that's me in the first row, third from left.The school is right next to Snyders Market..

Photo of my band, "Spirit In Flesh" from 1971 or '72

Me on drums with Spirit In Flesh - 70's

From when Godiego performed for the "sayanara" game of the soccer great, Pelé.

Photos are from September, 1977.

Left: Pelé, Mickie, Takekawa, Asano

Right: Asano , Tommy, Beckebauer, Takekawa & Mickie
Taken from stage during our concert for 60,000 people in Kathmandu Nepal.
Snyder's Market, colorised by Saburo Nonaka
Rieko & Saburo Nonaka created this t-shirt for the 2006 Godiego tour.
A "before" and "after" shot of another passion, cooking.
This is traditional "Ohsechi Ryori"- or 'special dishes' for the New Year in Japan. The pictured "set" costs about $700.00!! Some of what you see is prepared months in advance. and it takes a few days to eat too! This one was prepared by Hikage Chaya in Hayama.

No comment...

Below, drum clinic flyer.. At right, Shanti and I in 1984.


Alleyway in Copenhagen, Denmark

Stolkholm Rooftops

One year, for the July 14th parade on the Champs Elysses, I wondered why the French Army set up a tent here....

Sept, 2001 - Mr. Kakehashi (Roland founder), me and Mr Senda(chief designer-Handsonic)

From Godiego Days....


Istanbul, Turkey - 1980

Shanti's brother, Richard, is also talented artist. This was used for a charity campaign.