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Mickie Yoshino : Mickie is the founder of Godiego, a songwriting partner and VERY close friend. We've played together since 1977. Site is in Japanese (some english)
Mickie Yoshino

I have known CHAR since 1978, when we wrote and recorded together. He is the "rock guitar God" and singer in Japan. And a very nice guy.


Hiroshi Kishimoto : Hiroshi helped me by arranging my very first album in 1980, and also did horn arrangements for all of my subsequent albums since then. He was the leader/arranger of the Godiego horns aslo. Site is in Japanese
Hiroshi Kishimoto

Tatsuya Nishiwaki has been a freind since we did some Roland demos together in 1987. Besides being an amzing keyboard player, his harmonica playing is like Stevie Wonder & Toots Thielmans combined.


Keni Hino-"Jino" who I 've known since March '05, is one of the hottest bass players in Japan, though born and raised in N.Y. His latest CD won the "best fusion album" award from Ad Lib Magazine.


Kazuyuki Takekoshi used to have a Godiego "copy band" and has been working with Mickie Yoshino as a second keyboard player for some time. He performs as a solo artist, and sometimes with Shanti as well. Fantastic voice. And he will join Godiego this year for our recording and tour. (site in Japanese)

Jean-Michel Kajdan : Jean-Michel plays guitar on almost all the projects I've recorded and/or /produced since 1988 and is one of France's top musicians. His site is in English and French.
Jean-Michel Kajdan
Peter Erskine : Peter, besides being one of the world's nicest human beings, is also one of our living drum legends. Very cool site!
Peter Erskine
Charlie Morgan : Charlie played with Elton John since forever, and has been one of the businest English drummers. He's also a great guy.
Charlie Morgan
Alain Caron : Alain is known for his group "Uzeb" and is considered a "bass God."( a very busy one) Even his web site's won some awards. Site is in English and French.
Alain Caron

Eric Persing : I know Eric through Roland, and he's produced tracks on a few of my CD's. . An amazing musician-what ears!-sound designer, arranger/producer. His company, Spectrasonics, is doing very well. Check it out.

Walfredo Reyes Jr : Developed our friendship during the Percupassion 2002 event.

Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Mike Zwerin : Probably the best music writer on the planet. I originally decided to subscribe to the International Herald Tribune because of his music columns. A musician himself, he IS the encycolopedia of JAZZ. His interviews, articles and reviews have wit, are direct, and he pulls no punches. He also interviewed Makinto 2 times for the Herald Tribune. (Hayama page)

Mike Zwerin
Michael Schack: Michael is a fellow Roland drum demonstrator, a fantastic drummer, composer, producer, and one of the busiest guys I know.
Michael Schack
Pete Lockett: Besides being an amazing percussionist (tablas etc) he has one of the coolest musician sites I've seen.
Pete Lockett
****** Company Relations ******
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RolandMy relationship with Roland is a long and productive one, and very "family" oriented. Some links below & at right..

Roland France -- Roland UK -- Roland Benelux -- Roland Portugal -- Roland Spain

Roland Japan

Roland US

Zildjian I picked my first Zildjians at the factory in 1971. "The only serious choice" in cymbals also has a pretty serious website.


Tama Drums I first arrived in Japan on March 13, 1977. On March 14, I was in the Tama factory picking out my drums. A wonderful, long term "family" relationship was born then, and continues to grow.

Tama Drums

****** Godiego Related ******
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Godiego The Nippon Columbia site for Godiego (In Japanese-with some English menu indicators-photos-discography etc)


Monkey This is the English name for the Japanese TV series that Godiego did the music for, songs that helped make the group #1. It was/is a cult series in the UK and Austallia and this is the site with lots of info for fans. (site is in English)