Izit Music & Arts - IMA Songs Inc.

Izit Music & Arts was formed in 1987 to serve as a business structure for various projects, including, but not limited to my own albums, productions for my Hayama label, projects for various companies, producing jingles, music-on-order or consulting.

Many years in the music business has given me oppurtunities to learn and to create a network of people in various positions. In the process of handling my own affairs I've been able to use that for others on a case-by-case basis. Being tri-lingual (English -Japanese - French) in the music industry language can be helpful. So now and then I do coordinate, negotiate and/or follow up on various matters with or without my own musical involvement. Included in that are master license/ publishing deals,including helping to write the contracts myself. Projects involved companies such as: Hip Bop Records(Silva Screen, London) Sony Music Japan,, Shinseido (Japan's largest record retailer), MCA Music France, Avex Japan, Lismor(Scotland), Prodat(Canada), Two Par Deux(France), Fairplay(France), Hello Goodbye K.KSweet Basil, Pony Canyon, JVC Victor (Japan), Grank Funk K.K.

In Production, my experiencse as an active musician and/or producer with a network/team of musicians all over the world, combined with my understanding of the music business allows me to work efficiently, on time and on budget.

IMA Songs Inc( SACEM). is my music publishing company.

Febuary, 2004


Vocal production and recording of songs in French for the Japanese Film."Shimotsuma Monogatari"

Jngles "on air"recently


DoCoMo (NTT)
Shiseido, "Pienu"
Happoshu -Kirin Beer




McDonalds, Japan (since 2001), Music for their travelling "Ronald mcDonald show (700 performances a year)



While living in Japan I had a period where I enjoyed my time as a freelance copywriter for the Sanrio Corporation (Hello Kitty), naming characters, products, product series, etc. After moving to France, I consulted for 2 years during the planning and development on their 400 million dollar indoor theme park, Puroland, located just outside of Tokyo.

ROLAND is mentioned a lot in this site. For Roland I have a whole "hat set" because I work with engineers from the early stages of product conception and development. I also travel all over the world doing demonstrations at music fairs, one-man-band type presentations and various forms of marketing support. This is a relationship that began in 1977, the year I arrived in Japan. And since the electronic percussion market started to expand in the early 80's I am proud to be a member of the team.