With 15 pads, 2 ribbon controllers and external trigger possibilities, the Handsonic15 also employs an infra-red light-which can be used to play and/or control sounds (600!) Thus the hand positions NOT touching the instrument.

The infra-red light is called the "D-Beam" and is used on other Roland products as well.


Live at Motion Blue featuring the Handsonic 15

Everyone will find his or her way to play.


Hand position photos taken by Helene Le Gac at the Percussive Arts Society-European event in Paris, October 2000
My pedal set up, using two KD-7's connected with a PCS-31(Stereo to dual mono) cable, an FD-7 and 2 x FS-5U foot switches, also connected with a PCS-31 type cable.