GODIEGO Recording Sessions - 1999
Takami Asano - Guitar
Takekawa(main lead vocal) and Steve(bass-vocal)

Mickie Yoshino with his trademark hat.

Steve Fox

Makinto was in Japan for the tour with Rie Akagi and as soon as he arrivedfrom the airport, Mickie asked him to play one piano solo on the Godiego album.

Left to right: Steve, Makinto, Asano, Mickie, and me..

Other People In The Studio

This is not a bass player from a Salsa band, but Tatsunori Hida, Godiego's photographer since 1977 . Not only is he a great photographer, but a wonderful friend. We've been all over the world together!

Other People In The Studio

Jun Oda was a roadie for Godiego back in 1978. He's also a good musician and singer. For the Godiego recording project and subsequent tour, he was our production manager. At right is Uriah, Steve's daughter, who was visiting Japanat that time.

Mickie, Me, Waka (our manager) & Steve during our video shoot.

Below: Me, Asano and Sasha (eternal roadie)


Also, during August I performed with Mickie and Paul Jackson for a private party. It was great to see and play with Paul. Kishimoto Hiroshi(tumpet) also came to jam


Paul Jackson and Tommy

Makinto and I attended the 50th birthday party for my good friend Tsunoda Shoemon in Hayama at La Maree de Chaya. (see the Restaurant page) We performed a few songs together and with Mickie too. I sang a special birhtday duet with Eriko, a mutual friend.

I was lucky to see the "hanabi tai-kai"(fireworks) in Kamakura, and took one photo of a "sui-chu hanabi"(launched from the water) .