Terrorist Attack Attempt

Shocking news this is for sure. What I do not understand is HOW anyone who is NOT a US resident or citizen can even get on a flight with a one way ticket! I fly 4 or 5 times a year to Japan, since many years. (am a former resident of Japan) Usually I buy my tickets in Japan. One time, when I was checking in in Paris, I was asked for my "return" flight ticket. I replied by saying that I usually buy my round-trip Tokyo-Paris-Tokyo tickets in Japan.(as I was using at that time) Then I was told that if I did not have a resident visa for Japan that I would NOT be allowed to board the flight. Due to the time difference, I could not call my travel agent in Japan and request an immediate reservation, and was forced to purhcase a ticket at the airport in Paris.

I am sure investigations in to how this man got on the flight with the one way ticket are already underway. And those responsible for letting the guy on the flight are gonna be in big trouble. But it's proof that airport security is still NOT perfect.