WHATCOP 15 Copenhagen

When this conference was scheduled, I thought then, as I do now, that NOTHING important would be accomplished. Just like the KYOTO convention, there are far too many differences of opinons. BUT, the reality is, it is not delegates to a convention who are going to make any changes in the direction for changing what is affecting the environment. Even if this results in a new focus on the problem. It's up to each and every individual to help. No matter what country he or she is in, EVERYONE must make the effort to conserve, to re-cycle etc...to make the future a clean one. No government policy alone, or laws enacted, will make a difference, without every human being on this planet making their own individual effort. It's plain and simple: There is no controversy. There are no manipulated data bases to justify or contradict global warming. It's here and now, and it's happening!!!!

The fact that with the advent of global warming, that it has already become a business, with the "trading" of carbon emssion quotas, is a scandal!!....It's almost as bad as the scandals of Wall Street that brought financial disaster to millions of people. Perhaps it's even worse! There can be no calculation of the costs of limiting emissions that pollute the environment. Nature and what it gives us is priceless. It's the future that is in our hands; the future of life that is "normal."

In so many parts of the world, we have already lost the true rhythm of "seasons." No snow where there once was, snow where there wasn't. etc etc etc...Not to mention rising sea levels, disappearing glaciers and North and South pole ice masses breaking apart. The list is unfortunately, endless.

Simply said, every individual on this planet has to make an effort on his or her part. That will go way beyond whatever might be agreed upon at COP 15. In fact, I sincerely believe this convention is just another waste of time and money.....money that could have been better spent to help the environment! Al Gore already sent the message plain and clear. It's up to the public to listen or not, be part of the solution or continue to contribute to the problem. Every little bit helps!