Winter Beach Cleaning- December, 2008

In December, back in Japan for some concerts, though it was very cold, I went out on the beach to do some cleaning. Previous storms had washed away a lot of sand, and I found 2 rubber boats, a lot of trash, and many iron rods.

Olympic Beach Cleaning- August, 2008

As I did last year, after arriving in Japan, during the first week, I did some beach cleaning. This time rather than show the bags of trash, I want to share with you the photos of the broken glass I picked up during only 4 days. Also, a completely petrified Horse bone, that is probably 950 years old, and some ugly metal rods that were protruding from the sand.

Horse Bone.

4 Days of GLASS! ( the paper under the glass is one meter by 80cms. Since these photos were taken, I have collected about 50 kgs of sharp, broken glass.

Dangerous Metal Rods (first photo is the tip of one of them) They are about 2 meters long. These, and the other ones that I have found since, are remnants from seaweed farming in the ocean here.

Tires and a train burried in the sand...and 2 more 2 meter iron rods

A VERY sharp and dangerous metalic object.

More metal rods, and a huge fishing net, with a winch still attatched to it.

And in the net were very sharp peices of metal, aluminum etc.

Of course I found another few bags of glass, more iron rods, and a lot of plastic bags, old fishing nets etc. But this was a surprise. It is an underwater flashlight used by divers...... It was covered in mud etc...but when I cleaned it off and pushed the "on " button, it worked!

A very old horse tooth.

A bullet!!

Another petrified horse TOOTH....

The second large, petrified horse TOOTH....

Beach Cleaning 2007