Beach Cleaning- August, 2007

I know this might sound strange to some, but after arriving in Japan, I decided to clean the beach in front of my place every day, mostly picking up trash IN the water, as well as on the beach. My friend Yuki Takeshita from Shonan Beach FM, came with a TV crew to interview me about this new activity.

Below: I found this in the water, it is a larg hook used for catching Octopus.. Nobody would want to step on that!! It has barbs, so once it goes IN, it's hard to get it out!!!!

Below, only 3 Days of trash..... At right a few days later..including a HUGE fishing net that I dug out of the sand.


The cameraman said I looked like Tarzan!!! I have had many nick-names before, but that was a surprise!



Above, with Yuki Takeshita after the interview.

The photo below is from a few years ago, but can you imagine someone leaving a Mercedes Benz transmission on the beach??!!

Then there was another problem. The waves, after a storm, had shifted the sands, so that the water running down ON the beach from a natural source created a small pool. I dug a channel in order that it drained properly. Beach engineering!!!!