December 2001

When I found this website, the first thing I said was just "oh, my God". I was so crazy about your music, book and so on. I think I was about 13 years old then. I always wanted to understand what you said in English, and that was the biggest motivation I tried to learn your language as much as I could. After I finished my college in Tokyo, I came here, Seattle Washington. Studied hard, met many good friends, married, divorced(!) and etc.. everything started from the point where you were. I would like to thank you for the great opportunity you gave me that I could learn how the life goes. Oh, you have no idea how much you effected my life. Well, there're so many things I would like to tell you, of course good things, but I should let you go. I'll check on this website often from now on. Thank you again. Yuko

May 2001

I was wondering if there was any chance Magic Monkey the soundtrack to the excellent show Monkey was avaiable on CD. I've been seraching practicly everywhere to find it in any format. the Music from it is somethign I hold dear , just like the music from the Transformers which I am happy to have on the Movie soundtrack. I guess what rekindled the memories of my youth was seeing the 2 part special spin-off of Monkey, the Monkey King on the halmark channel over here in the Uk. I was dissapointed they didn't use the original Monkey theme or at the very least ask you guys to perform a new version of it. Any way thank you for making my youth so magical and enriched


November 2000

Hello, I was recently listening to a song by Maaya Sakamoto called "You're Not Alone," and it said that the lyrics were written by Shanti Snyder. I, however am I unable to find the lyrics anywhere, and the soundtrack isn't sold in my country, so I'm unable to purchase it. I was hoping you'd be able to provide me with the lyrics, or if possible a site that had them posted.

Thanks, F. Ling

December 11 -2000

Tommy,I have heard one of your daughter's songs: "Sora" from the Escaflowne Soundtrack and I really enjoyed it. I then looked her up on the internet and came to your site. I read that you were a musician as well and I just had to hear some of your music as well. I would just like to know some album names that you would recommend that either you or your daughter have released.


December 2, 2000
I enjoyed Kuwata's AAA concert tonight. It was very exiciting and I was moved. And I found your daughter Shanti's singing so lovely. Especially "HANA" was very nice. I hope you and your family will create beautifull music.
With regards. Mayumi

November 11, 2000

Mr. Snyder

I live in the United States, in California. It is amazing that I actually am writing with you! Thank you for responding to my email. I think that musicians are the greatest!

Gan Doon Toy

April 2000Yuka Zuver

Back when I was only 13,I was inspired by a band named "Godiego". For the next few years, I was dipped up to my head in their music and was getting introduced with a whole new discovery of what's behind the real English language. In retrospect, it was they, that band, who were pacially responsible for making what I am today living in U.S.. I can't put appropriate words together but to say the news of your come back sure did take me back to those days. I wish you good luck on your tour, and....just have a blast for old time sake. Thanks. Yuka

March ,2000
Dear Tommy
Thank you for your concerts-GODIEGO Japan Tour-iast year. I spent wonderful time and I feel very happy!! I'm crazy about GODIEGO for about 20 years,so it's GODIEGO this and GODIEGO that all the time. Now I practice playing the DRUMS -MY SUNSHINY DAY",so I enjoy every day! Really, this is fine!! I'm wishful to watch your stage again!!! Anyway,deeply I appreciate you.I can't thank you enough. See you again and Good luck!! Keiko

Feb 16,2000 Kim, Seong-Won
Hi, Tommy
I appreciate you sending me a reply. I am very happy. It was my second e-mail for your website. I mentioned what Godieg was to me and that I saw the reunion concert in Ohmiya. In my high school days and the first year of my college life (when Godiego was disbanded), I was a fan of Godiego and I bought most of records after Magic Monkey album. I was born and raised in Japan and now I work in California, temporarily. I stayed in Japan only Nov. last year in the last 7 month, and I was happy to know your band had been reunited. It was like you all welcomed my Return to Japan. I went to Ohmiya concert without a ticket with a friend of mine. I thought we would be able to get tickets on the spot! Luckily, one group in line was wanting to sell tickets and we could enter the hall. It was our first time to go to a concert of Godiego. I was excited then. Your organization of the songs were great! The last one was 999! (before the encore) As soon as I go back to Japan in April, I will buy your album, There Comes A Time. Gypsy and So Hard To Leave are my favorites. It sounded very different from Godiego sound those days. But I liked it. I remember this part: "I had a dream when I was young, to be a gypsy man, and travel all o'er the world..." I wish the next reunion album as soon as possible. Good bye.
(Thank you for reading my long mail.)

8 Feb 2000
Thank you for your wonderful songs & lyrics in WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME. I am very much moved by them. Every song is so fascinating to me (especially VISIONS OF LOVE) that I am devoting myself to listening to your songs every day. When I was a junior high school student, I was deeply touched by your songs and interested in English, too. So I began to study English harder and now I am an English teacher in a high school. GODIEGO has influenced my life so much. The seeds that you sowed in our hearts 20 years ago have grown up to be beautiful flowers (mine is too small to be found easily, though). Thank you very much. Living in the countryside and rasing small children couldn't let me go to the concerts, so I enjoy listening to your songs in my car even when I take my children to the day nursery. My son, who is one year old, likes to dance to NEW BEAT. My daughter, who is three years old, can sing VISIONS OF LOVE in inaccurate English. She also watched KOHAKU LIVE on TV with me and danced to BEAUTIFUL NAME. I wish I could have shown it to you! She was so cute! Anyway, my children are becoming great fans of you. Well, I can't express what I feel exactly in English, but can I write to you again? In Japan the flu is going around and I came down with it. I hope it is not in Paris. Please take care. I'm looking forward to your new informations. Your fan,

Jan 20, 2000
I enjoyed your home page very much. I've been a fan of Godiego for about 20 years and I like your album 'There Comes A Time'(1980) very much. Please keep up your good work and keep on smiling!!! Hiroyuki Shiina

3 Jan 2000 Fuyuko
Hi Tommy and everyone.
1999 was gone so fast with you and GODIEGO, hope this will repeat! saw the pictures, found myself in two (2mm big)!

2 Jan 2000 Ayano
Hi Tommy,
I saw pictures you took in concert. I couldn't search myself in audience, but remembered that time. It will be a great memories in future. I saw GODIEGO in "KOHAKU" on TV. I can't help crying when your song was over. But very grad that all of you were smilling before ,while and after sing your song. I will never forget the time you gave me to enjoy Re-unite GODIEGO. Thank you so much.

2 Jan 2000 MIKKU
This is MIKKU from Canada. I was really happy to went to Japan to see GODIEGO. Also, I'm happy I could see me in some of your pictures. I'd like to say "Thank you" to you again. HOPE see you soon!

30 Dec 1999 Ayano
Hi! Tommy,
I'll see TV at my home, but pray for your success. Today, I saw "Monomane"show and `TBS program, so,I could see GODIEGO's songs, "Monkey Magic", "Gandhala" and "The Gallaxy Express 999". It was verry exciting and happy time. I can't wait tomorrow. But.......after KO-HAKU is over, Godiego goes to sleep again. I miss you!!
Please make a chance to see GODIEGO again, in future, as soon as possible.

20 Dec 1999 Mai Yoshida
Dear Tommy,
I went to Godiego condert at Yuport Hall in 11/30!! It was really exciting!!!! I was at the seat in the second line w/ my best friend. I could see every member's faces clearly. I was really happy!!! :) Here's a story how I became a fan of Godiego. I was born in 1980, and now, I'm 19 years old. I don't know Godiego at real time. It was 5 years ago when i first met Godiego on TV program. When they played "the Galaxy Express 999", I was surprised. "I know this song!! This is one of the songs I really like." Though I also knew the name, I just didn't their songs. I went to CD shop and found a CD titled "Godiego Great Best". I wanted it but I didn't have enough money for that. So I saved money. After it became enough to buy the CD, I went to CD shop again. But I couldn't buy it again. Why? Because I was ahamed. The age of members of Godiego was older than my mom and dad's. I even couldn't tell my mom that I'm a fan of Godiego. Finally, after a half of a year from when I first met Godiego, I bought the CD. I used to listen it in midtime with quite small volume. There were many songs I had ever heard till then. I just didn't know about Godiego. Those songs were very familiar to me. When I became a high school student, I told my mom that I love Godiego. Then, I became a member of T-time(Take's fanclub). In that year, I first experienced a concert. I was happy to listen real Take's vocals with the melody of Godiego. But it was not real Godiego. There weren't Tommy, Steve, Asano, and Mickey. I was longing to see real Godiego performed by all of them. So I was really happy to go to the concert! I think it was very worthy concert historically. We might not to see Godiego again. Until I heard this come back of Godiego in last 3 months in 1999, I envied people who shared same time with Godiego. But now, I've changed my mind. I'm a really happy girl 'cause I'm alive in this period when Godiego comes back. To tell the truth, I want Godiego to keep their activity in today's music scene... Thank you for reading this long(!!) mail. a forever fan of Godiego,
Mai Yoshida
P.S. I'll write again. :)